Our mission

Biomimica is working to improve the clothing industry’s climate footprint by creating strong and elastic artificial spider silk with our unique technology which can be used as a substitute for environmentally harmful materials, environmentally harmful materials in for example, clothing, transport and the wind turbine industry. This will contribute to reducing microplastics emission in our environment, as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

The challenge: At present, the clothing industry accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions and pollutes with over 500,000 tons of microplastics per year which are released into nature every time we wash clothes.
The solution: Spider silk. Spider silk is one of the strongest natural fiber and is also elastic. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain enough natural spider silk, so we will make it artificially. Our technology is based on a Bioinspired microfluidic chip.
The gains: Silk's superior strength can produce exceptionally durable clothing. The natural elasticity maintains the comfort and flexibility of the garment. Spider silk is environmentally friendly, and you can therefore produce green and allergy-friendly clothing.