Who are we?

Biomimica consists of Irina Iachina & Jonathan R. Brewer, who are passionate researchers from the University of Southern Denmark with expertise in spider silk, biophysics and innovation. Eric Rozario is our expert in business development, and together we are passionate about creating a better world with our product. We have collected  a strong team of driven people who want to help improve the environment and contribute to a greener future.

Irina Iachina is the project leader and  CEO of Biomimica. She  has worked with spider silk since 2016 and has a masters and PhD on spider silk and artificial spider silk. Irina has a long-lived goal of starting a company making superior artificial spider silk by using advanced biomimicry.

Jonathan Brewer is an Assoc. Prof. and group leader in the Bioimaging section at the University of Southern Denmark. He also holds the position of Head of Section for Bioimaging and is the Director for the Danish Molecular Biomedical Imaging Center (DaMBIC).  He has worked with characterization and development of biomaterials for many years and has  recently expanded his research to include imaging and microfluidic chip-based production of artificial spider silk making microfluidic chip production and design an integral part of the group’s activities.

As Managing Director, Sales Director, Business Development Director from his previous roles,  Eric Rozario brings vast experience in sales, marketing, management and leadership. Along with his strong customer relations, consultative business approach and with his previous working experience in APAC and EMEA, Eric will be an asset and an active player in Biomimica future growth. Eric graduated with a Cand-Merc (Masters in Science) in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark